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    Simplifying The Path To AmericaAn EB-5 Lawyer Who
    Will Advocate For Your Future

    Whether your immigration decision is driven by family, investment, or employment opportunities, navigating the immigration process can be filled with stress and anxiety. Identifying the correct path can be difficult because each path has unique nuances. The outcome and limitations of those decisions can then reverberate throughout your career, family, finances, and other areas of your life. A successful journey or a challenging climb into the immigration process will depend on your choice of an EB-5 Lawyer as a partner.

    Our firm was built by first-generation immigrant lawyers to address the diverse needs of the immigrant community.

    As lawyers who are immigrants ourselves, we have first-hand experience journeying through the seemingly endless mire of delays and bureaucracy, as well as the associated costs and anxiety. We understand your worries about your application status, fear of its denial, and angst from an uncertain future. Those insights empower us to understand your trepidation and treat you like a whole person. When you partner with an EB-5 Lawyer from our firm, you are joining a knowledgeable team with an Ivy League pedigree, a combined track record that’s over 40 years long, and, most importantly, real-life experience of being in your exact position. We are thus committed to providing highly professional and deeply compassionate representation for you.

    A Full-Service Immigration Law FirmAn EB-5 Lawyer Helping Clients
    Overcome Their Immigration Obstacles

    EB5 Investor Visas

    For immigrants of a higher net worth that desire to move to the United States, the EB5 is a great option. Designed as a way to stimulate the United States economy, the EB5 investor visa aims to create new jobs as well as increase capital investment by foreign investors. As of March 15, 2022, The United States Congress mandated a minimum investment amount of $800,000. There are certain rules that foreign investors must comply with to receive the EB5 visa, including documenting the source of funds and “proving investment in a qualified business.

    As there are extensive criteria and qualifications that must be met to qualify for the EB5 visa,  choosing an attorney with experience can make all the difference in having an application denied or approved. With over 250 EB5 visas processed, our firm has the experience and knowledge necessary to help high-net-worth clients obtain their green cards / permanent residencies.

    Learn more about EB5 Investor Visas

    Employment-Based Immigration

    There is a dizzying array of immigration options available to foreign workers. Unfortunately, each option entails a significantly different process, and wait times can vary considerably depending on the applicant’s country of birth. We help individual workers and high-profile American employers navigate the employment-based immigration process quickly and cost-effectively.

    While approximately 140,000 employment-based visas are made available annually, obtaining one is more challenging than workers and their employers expect. To qualify, workers need the right balance of skills, work experience, and education to be granted an employment-based visa. The process is extremely competitive, as an employment-based visa can be a runway to employment-based permanent residency. An experienced immigration lawyer can guide both employers and employees through the process so that you have the best chance of success.

    Learn more about Employment-Based Immigration

    Family Immigration

    Immigrating to America is a life-long dream for many, but it often means leaving family and friends behind. Thankfully, these separations do not always need to be permanent. Whether you are getting married or sponsoring another family member, an experienced immigration lawyer from our team can help you navigate the process so you can be reunited with the people you love.

    Learn more about Family Immigration

    Criminal Immigration Matters

    A criminal history does not necessarily preclude the ability to obtain immigration status. However, there are specific rules and criteria that persons with a criminal record seeking a visa must adhere to, and our firm has experience in helping clients through this process.

    Learn more about Criminal Immigration Matters


    Becoming a United States citizen is a dream for many immigrants and a dream that an immigration lawyer from our firm can help them realize. There are a few different paths to citizenship, and our firm assists immigrants in determining the proper path for them and obtaining citizenship.

    Learn more about Citizenship

    Other Immigration Matters

    Our firm provides assistance in a wide array of other immigration matters, including student visas, exchange visitor visas (J-1), consular processing, waivers, U-Visa, and the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). If you have an immigration matter that you need assistance with and you do not see it listed here, contact our office. We may still be able to help.

    Learn more about Other Immigration Matters

    Not Just Another EB-5 LawyerLet's Talk About What Makes Us Different


    Our firm is deeply dedicated to helping immigrant communities find a fair and safe path to the United States. As immigrant attorneys ourselves, we know that the path to America can pose numerous obstacles and challenges that can be intimidating. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to remove and overcome these challenges and bring you the same peace of mind that we desired when we were in your position.


    Our communication is unparalleled. We provide legal services that are highly responsive and fully transparent. We know that our clients cannot afford to wait for a reply or a return phone call, so we provide 24/7 access with a promise that you will get a response within 12 hours. We also offer after-hours and weekend appointments and can communicate with you via various apps and platforms, including Signal and WhatsApp. In the event of an emergency, we can schedule an appointment with you within 60 minutes. We understand how pressing your issues are, so we make communication with clients our top priority. We are always available for you.


    We understand that immigration issues are inherently personal, so we are proud to give back to our immigrant communities and to provide legal representation that is both personal and professional. Our goal is to deliver hope and reassurance to all of our clients coupled with cost-effective, timely results. We can accommodate clients who speak Hindi, Gujarati, Spanish, French, Filipino, Georgian, and Russian, and our team is often seen outside of the office contributing to our communities by speaking and participating in industry events.


    We have the academic and professional experience to prevent problems before they happen. Our lawyers have a number of diverse degrees from some of the best colleges, universities, and law schools in the United States, including advanced Ivy League degrees. That robust academic background and Ivy League heritage complement our real-world experience. We have over 40 years of combined immigration law experience and a track record that includes working for some of the most prestigious companies in existence and some of the most selective clients from around the world. That combination of academic excellence and professional experience enables our forward-thinking approach to problem-solving, which helps us deliver creative and effective solutions.

    A FULL-SERVICE IMMIGRATION LAW FIRM Our Process Makes A Difference...

    Large-Scale Precision With Boutique Agility

    Our entire management team has “Big Four” accounting experience, and we leverage the same processes and mindset that the world’s most trusted accounting firms use when they audit the biggest and most complex companies on the planet. We then refine those proven approaches with our own style that heavily emphasizes transparency and communication. We establish a clear strategy with a detailed path and visible milestones from the moment we take on new cases. We then ensure that we follow that path with a spirit of relentless passion for our clients. In doing so, we strive for excellence with multiple layers of internal redundancy and cross-checks to ensure industry-leading accuracy and give our clients an unmatched level of visibility into our work product throughout the process.

    Visible Pride In Our Work Product And Results

    Our proven process heavily emphasizes team building with our clients. We take pride in what we can accomplish with a strong relationship built on trust, and we aren’t afraid to show it. We know that our clients live in time zones all over the world and maintain diverse schedules that vary greatly. As such, we make ourselves highly available. In addition to having fluency in a number of languages, including Hindi, Gujarati, Spanish, French, Filipino, Georgian, and Russian, we work for our clients around the clock, seven days a week, every day of the year. More importantly, though, we communicate with our client teammates in real time as we work. In fact, as a point of the process, we are one of the only, if not the only, law firms to share all finished work products with our clients before it’s submitted. We operate with transparency and as a team.

    Technology Is In Our DNA

    We see technology as an enabling influence that heightens the effectiveness of our world-class people and processes. We’ve seen technology work to great success in both our past experience in corporate America and in some of the nation’s top Ivy League schools and in our present experience with our firm on the boutique level. As such, we actively embrace cutting-edge technology, including communication platforms such as WhatsApp, Signal, Slack, Zoom, and so on, business efficiency platforms like Dropbox, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Office Suite, and so on, and legal-specific applications to ensure accuracy, responsiveness, and client ease, like Docketwise. More importantly, though, we believe in continuous improvement, so we actively look for new and innovative ways to enhance our client experience by injecting new technology into our way of doing business. Good is never enough, and, like all good teammates, we work with clients on a case-by-case basis to ensure optimal technological innovation.

    Our Process Gets Final Results

    We are a one-stop shop, a complete immigration law firm. Just like a good teammate wouldn’t leave a game at halftime, we specifically designed our processes and service offerings in a way that can take our clients from being prospective immigrants to US residents to US citizens. We have gone through the journey ourselves, and we understand the importance and value of having one trusted point of contact when navigating the uncertain waters of the American immigration system. As such, our client-specific, tailored strategies are optimized to our client’s desired end results, not just specific milestones that then turn into someone else’s problem. We proudly own our results, which is why we have such a strong track record that includes hundreds of successful EB5 petitions.

    Not Just Another EB-5 LawyerSpeak With An
    EB-5 Lawyer Today

    Hear It Straight From An EB-5 LawyerAnswers To Common Questions:

    It is common for people approaching the immigration process to have a considerable amount of questions. As lawyers, we believe one of the most important things we can do is provide the answers our clients need when they need them.

    How Do I Qualify For An Investment Visa?

    The EB-5 program was created to stimulate the U.S. economy through investment and job creation. It is available to investors who meet the following criteria:

    • They make the required investment in a business in the United States
    • They plan to create or preserve at least 10 permanent, full-time jobs for U.S. workers

    The EB-5 program grants permanent residency to investors and their spouses and unmarried children. An immigration lawyer can provide advice on suitable investment options to meet the requirements.

    How Long Will It Take For My Application To Be Approved?

    Estimating the time it will take to get through the immigration process depends on the type of status you are seeking. However, we understand that this is a critical question for most of our clients. As a result, we always strive to provide a reasonable time estimate from the outset and continue with real-time updates.

    Can An EB-5 Lawyer Help Me If I Am In The United States Illegally?

    We work with many clients who face various challenges, including being in a country without legal immigration status. We can discuss your situation, help you understand your options, and then work with you to develop an immigration strategy that meets your unique needs. The bottom line is that an immigration lawyer can help you face and possibly overcome your immigration challenges.

    What Is The Child Status Protection Act And What Does It Do?

    The Child Status Protection Act is a federal immigration law passed in 2002 to guard against children “aging out” of obtaining their Green Cards due to immigration backlogs. Under the law, a person must be younger than 21 years old to qualify for permanent residency as a child. Under the Child Status Protection Act, persons older than 21 may remain classified as children provided that they remain unmarried.

    Can I Sponsor My Relatives?

    U.S. citizens who are 21 years or older may sponsor relatives for immigration to the United States. You will need to prove your relationship and demonstrate that you have sufficient income or other assets to support your relatives when they come to the United States. Your relative’s spouse and children may also be able to join them. An experienced immigration lawyer from our firm can help you navigate this process.

    How Can Employers Sponsor Workers For Permanent Resident Status?

    Employers often wish to sponsor valued employees for permanent resident status. For workers with certain types of visas, some employers can successfully pursue this route. Our firm is able to walk employers and their employees through this extensive process of acquiring permanent resident status.

    What Should I Do If I Receive A Request For Evidence Or A Notice Of Intent To Deny?

    A Request for Evidence (RFE) means that the government needs more documentation than what was already provided. The Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID) is a letter from the government indicating that they intend to deny your immigration application because they believe you do not qualify. If you have received either an RFE or a NOID, you should contact an immigration lawyer immediately—they may be able to resolve the issue and get your application approved.

    What Should I Do If I Have Received A Notice To Appear?

    Receiving a notice to appear can be incredibly frightening. Many assume that they cannot expect a good outcome from the hearing and decide not to appear. However, failing to appear means that you automatically risk deportation. The best thing you can do is contact an immigration lawyer for guidance to understand your rights and your options.

    Who Qualifies For An L-1 Visa?

    L-1 visas are available for employees of companies who are transferring to the United States within their current company. There are two types of L-1 visas:

    1. L-1A visas: intracompany transferees who work in a managerial or executive position for a company located outside of the United States.
    2. L-1B visas: intracompany transferees who work for companies located outside of the United States whose role requires specialized knowledge.

    An experienced immigration lawyer can determine whether you or your employees qualify for an L-1 visa.

    TestimonialsWhat Our Clients Say

    EB5 expert!

    Had a consultation session to review my case and Anahita went above and beyond to provide honest, clear answers along with so many extra golden pieces of information! She has a very high level of knowledge of EB5 and is willing to share it. You can tell immediately she is passionate about the subject, detail-oriented, patient, and a great listener. Her due diligence suggestions are priceless to navigate the regional center and immigration Lawyer world. Would definitely put my trust in her! Thank you so much Anahita!


    Excellent experience

    I had talked to multiple lawyers for a green application for my Dad.
    I talked to Ms. Anahita George on a recommendation from my cousin and we are so glad we did that.
    She was excellent and was in constant contact with us through the process.
    She guided us in an honest way and resolved the issue for my Dad within 3 weeks.
    We could not have asked for a better lawyer and would recommend her to all of our friends regarding immigration issues.
    After talking to multiple lawyers- she was the only one we felt was straightforward, honest, and diligent in her approach


    The best EB5 Lawyer

    So far the best eb5 immigration Lawyer I have worked with. Her speciality is in EB5 and from my experience I can say that she will always give you 100% honest answers. I have been a client of Anahita George from 2018. Her attention to detail and quality of service is impeccable. Never was there any confusion at any stage of the entire process over the last 2 years? She knows clearly how to handle different situations and she is very knowledgeable in eb5. It is always a big plus to have Lawyer like Anahita George on your side – especially when your 500k are on stake and during the current turmoil times.


    Investment Immigration (EB 5)

    I hired Anahita George to file my investment based (EB5) immigration petition in 2017 and I recently received my Green Card. She constantly followed up with USCIS about my case and was always on top of things. She kept me informed every step of the way which was very reassuring to me. Her biggest strengths are her honesty, compassion, and rapid turnaround times. In this anti-immigration climate, I was relieved that Anahita was handling my case. I could easily reach her without having to deal with administrative assistants. She even answered my anxious calls while she was abroad on her vacation. Keep us the amazing work Anahita!


    One of the best EB5 Lawyer’s!

    Got introduced to Anahita through a couple of regional centers and we are so glad that we did!
    One of the best (if not the best immigration Lawyer) for EB5 that is currently practicing in the market. Extremely responsive (on whatsapp and emails) and very very thorough.
    Was available to respond to our endless queries about the process and made us feel very comfortable every step of the way.
    Highly recommend!


    Highly Recommend for Immigration Filing

    I first spoke with Anahita based on a referral from my brother-in-law, and we are very happy we did. She is very thorough, reliable, honest, and has a wealth of knowledge. I was appreciative of how effectively she provided direction throughout the process and addressed many of our queries. She did a great job and highly recommends her services to anyone looking to file for immigration.


    Great Lawyer, Highly Recommend

    Anahita is always available to help quickly and has a high level of professionalism. She really values her clients and treats them with the utmost respect. Anahita and her team helped me so much with my case and kept me updated throughout the process until everything was taken care of. The whole process was very smooth and I was kept updated at all times. N-400 Case.



    I invested in the project and the project Lawyer filed I-526 and got RFE for I-526 in 2018 and then came to know about Anahita through a friend of mine who is currently using her services for the same reason. Glad we found her and very pleased with her service. Very thorough and very transparent and upfront what to expect. She is very knowledgeable and professional; works diligently on her cases and knows her stuff very well. We already referred a few friends who are extremely happy with her services as well. Can’t recommend her enough!!.



    Ms. Anahita is very knowledgeable and gives time to listen your queries.
    I consulted Ms. Anahita when I lost hope in my EB 1(c) case she gave me hope that you definitely get a visa and provided true guidance and done lots of case-related work very effectively and efficiently.

    Kush Patel

    Excellent Immigration service

    What I liked the most about Anahita’s service is that she always has time for her clients and I didn’t need to make an appointment with her if I had any questions. She is readily available to answer your questions and concerns whenever needed. Anahita’s work is fast-paced and organized. She finished our immigration work in a timely manner. I would recommend Anahita’s service to everyone who needs an Lawyer for immigration services.

    Yug Patel

    Excellent Lawyer- Highly Recommended for Eb5 application

    It was indeed a pleasure working with Ms.Anahita to apply for our Eb5 application. She is extremely knowledgeable, attentive, and trustworthy. I particularly appreciated that she responded to our numerous queries in an extremely timely manner and provided helpful advice throughout the process. She kept believing in the process, which kept us motivated and pushed us to pursue this ‘dream’ of getting out of the h1b rut and being able to finally get closer to our green card. Highly recommend her services to anyone seeking to get their green card via the Eb5 route.

    Nikhil & Simar

    VAWA case

    I had Anahita as my pro bono lawyer in 2020 and she filed my case with adequate evidence, double-checked everything, made sure that the affidavits were clear age crisp. We filed my case in 2020 and in exactly 2 years I got my approval without a single RFE. I would highly recommend her for VAWA and related immigration cases.


    Immigration Expert

    I highly recommend Anahita. My immigration status was very complex and she was able to help me navigate and find the best possible solution. She went out of her way to help me and answer questions that really eased my mind about the whole process. Definitely great service and a high level of professionalism.


    Best in class services, and by far the best immigration Lawyer

    I am so grateful for your passion, dedication, and professionalism. I’ve hired lawyers before, but you are truly the best I’ve ever worked with. Thank you so much!



    I hired Anahita for my removal of conditions waiver and naturalization. She was very empathetic to my situation and offered me a flexible payment plan. She responded to all my questions in under an hour and was also available on weekends for calls. I was successfully able to remove the conditions on my green card without an interview. Thanks to her, I will be a US citizen soon. Thank you for all you do Lawyer George.


    Great Service

    Mrs. George,
    My family and I are thanking you for all the great work you have done for us to help me (shsrmaa4ke husband) get my green card, and naturalization. Great work.
    Sharmaarke Ali


    Transparent & honest consultations

    I consulted Anahita for legal advice over WhatsApp. I have followed up several times and she has been very transparent & honest with her comments. In USA I wonder if anyone do that.



    As a lawyer, she is very down to earth and always helpful to me for my questions. Her ethics of work is beyond the imagination. Hand down Anahita it’s really proud that we got connected for our immigration needs. Keep it up…Great service Great personality Great person. Thank you so much!


    EB5 Immigration Case

    We leveraged Anahita’s services for our EB5 immigration. Anahita has been helping and guiding us since day 1 of the overall process.
    To begin with, she explained all the necessary documents required for the process. Her in-depth knowledge and attention towards every minute detail made our case very strong. I have always found her to be very passionate about my case, and I am sure she does that for all her other cases.
    EB5 immigration is a very lengthy and complicated process. But with Anahita, as our lawyer, we were able to sail it through. Throughout the whole process, Anahita has always been very prompt to my numerous questions. She has always been available and approachable, which helped us a lot in making quick decisions.
    Anahita is very pro-active, and her ability to predict the upcoming changes based on the current immigration situation has helped us in accessing the risks and act accordingly. She always kept me abreast of the immigration scenario in the United States and guided me in the areas where she felt we should not delay the next steps. I recently received my conditional green card and looking forward to taking her final services of “removal of conditions.”
    Given my experience with her, I will highly recommend Anahita for her legal services.
    Thank you, Anahita. I appreciate all the work you have done for us. It wouldn’t have been easier without you.


    VAWA petition assistance (i360)

    I got connected to Ms. Anahita George through Manavi, a women’s rights protection organization, to handle my immigration status for VAWA and I’m glad I hired her as my Lawyer. She was on top of the case since the beginning. She is really proactive, time-bound, and upfront with getting all the documents right, all the papers and proofs at place. Till this date, I’ve always received quick and to-the-point responses for all my queries. She took my case pro-bono and even helped me with some insights on my divorce case. Anahita actively engaged me in building up my case using her insights and even worked on documentation and drafted affidavits for the case. Her up-to-date knowledge in VAWA cases and immigration, in general, is excellent. One positive quality she has is, she will not beat around the bush and unlike others will not give false hopes. If she feels that the case is not strong enough or genuine she will tell it upfront. I’ve received 100% client confidentiality, updates on immigration and best/worst-case scenarios from her. She even puts effort to help with insights on a divorce case that other lawyers may overlook and is ready to respond to any number of questions/doubts you have with the case. With her 100% track record, I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking to safeguard their immigration rights without having to spend a fortune.PS – her excellent taxation knowledge actually helped me in my divorce case.


    Excellent Lawyer, highly recommended

    We are very glad that we got Anahita contact. She was excellent from day 1, very thorough, detailed, prompt, clear, and very easy to work with. We had a very tight deadline to file the application and no many Lawyers would have done the way Anahita handled it. Overall process was very smooth at every step of the process and we are very pleased to have Anahita as our Lawyer. Highly recommend her for anyone looking for peach of mind in immigration-related cases. Thank you again, Anahita!


    Family immigration

    We used Anahita’s services for our I-130 consular processing and I-751 Removal of Conditions. I don’t know how to thank Lawyer George. First, we didn’t have funds to pay her and she still did the work for us just based on our promise of eventual payment. Second, her response time was always under 24 hours which helps when there is so much anxiety surrounding the entire process. Third, she is the most patient person I have met. I repeatedly asked her to explain things to me and she would do so kindly. Fourth, our entire immigration process was smooth and we got our approvals without any hassle. We cannot recommend Anahita enough. Thank you for everything you do Lawyer George.


    Excellent Immigration Lawyer

    Anahita has been our family’s immigration Lawyer for over 3 years. She is meticulous in her filings and very detail oriented. Our paperwork was always completed correctly and on time. When part of our application was incorrectly handled by USCIS, Anahita followed up on the error expediently and resolved the issue as soon as possible. She is always very realistic in her promises to clients; we knew all the possible outcomes of our case and were prepared by her to face any challenges. Thankfully, due to her diligence and well filed paperwork, our case was resolved very easily in our favor.
    Anahita’s fee structure is very reasonable and is always explained upfront, there are no hidden expenses. She is always reachable and helpful even after the filing is complete. We know we can depend on her advice.

    I cannot recommend Anahita highly enough for her immigration services. She is extremely professional, timely and through. We have used her services for all our filings so far and plan to continue to do so in the future for ourselves as well as other family members.

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